Annual Tax Returns (IT / CT Returns):
Every business (sole trader, partnership or company) must submit an annual tax return and pay corporation tax / income tax on its profits in accordance to the law. Our team will take care of your financial statements and annual returns, will prepare Corporation Tax / Income Tax returns on time.
PAYROLL Services:
Wages make up a significant part of the company’s costs, and it is an important factor in it’s profitability. The task of PAYROLL is to accurately calculate wage taxes, timely pay wages according to the payslips, as well as timely submit reports and make payments to the tax authorities.
Our payroll service includes:
• Registration for Employer taxes
• New employees registration, dealing with allocation of the credits
• Preparation of weekly, bi-weekly, fortnightly and monthly payslips
• Calculation of PAYE, PRSI, USC, pensions and all other deductions
• Facilitate the deduction of LPT (Local Property Tax)
• Termination of employment, administration of P45s
• Completion and filing of monthly P30 / annual P35 returns with the Revenue Commissioners
• Provision of P60s
• Tax payments via ROS
• Tax Compliance
VAT returns:
You must register for VAT if you are an accountable person and you exceed or are likely to exceed the relevant VAT thresholds. If your business is registered for VAT, you must submit tax returns to the tax office (usually every 2 months). Our specialists will provide you with:
• Calculation of the refund / payable VAT from your expenses / income.
• Preparation and submission of VAT3 returns to the Revenue Commissioners.
• Preparation and submission of annual VAT RTD reports to the Revenue Commissioners
• Tax Compliance
Contractor/Sub-Contractor Services (RCT System):
If your business operates in the construction sector, The RCT (Relevant Construction Tax) needs to be operated. Many of our clients are construction companies for whom we provide the following services:
• Contract Notifications
• Payment Notifications
• RCT rate reviews
• RCT monthly /annual returns to the Revenue Commissioners
• RCT liability payments through ROS
• RCT refunds
• Tax compliance