Do you have enough financial information about your ongoing business and do you receive it in on time? Maybe your income/corporation tax is an unpleasant surprise at the end of the year? Do you need a faster and more convenient way to issue bills to your customers, to know your performance?
 You need to be able to (on an almost daily basis), keep track of every single transaction in and out of your business, and identify areas which are doing well and those that require you to make some changes. This ensures you can make the decisions that are needed, when they are needed. And to do this, you need up-to-date accurate financial information.
Real time accounting gives you the information you need, when you need it, as soon as a transaction is complete. Whether it is a sale or a purchase, you have access to your profit and loss, balance sheet, sales reports and more. With this detail, you can be more proactive rather than reactive to your business needs.
AND all you need is an internet connection